Holy Spirit (4) الروح القدس

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Hello, welcome to this class on the Holy Spirit.

It’s a class for New Believers to strengthen you in your faith and to help you understand The person and the work of the Holy Spirit in your own heart Wherever you are.

In the next several sessions, we’re going to talk about the Holy Spirit as a person. 

Now, in the last several sessions we talked about the Holy Spirit as God and we. 

Had to try to help you understand that the Holy Spirit was God. 

That’s very important, often because of what we see in scripture about the Holy Spirit. 

We think of him as a force, like a wind as a fire, ’cause he’s described as those kinds of things. 

And so as a result, we think we try to think of the Holy Spirit as a force. 

So for instance, as a win, he’s described as a win. 

Jesus describes that. 

Like a wind blowing, but the problem with understanding him just as a win is that for instance, right now in this building there is no wind, and so if you think of the Holy Spirit as just to win if there is no wind, then he’s not here. 

But if there is a wind, then he is here. 

Outside that might be you know a little better than described, and sometimes this is very still days. 

So understanding the Holy Spirit as. 

A just a force is not the way we should understand him, so we make him as he is God and we understand him as God. 

And I think that’s that’s very important to do that. 

And now I want you to help to understand, help you to understand that he is a person. 

A person. That you might know is somebody that has a personality. 

In other words, you have a mother or father, brother, sister, husband or wife. 

Or children, they all have distinct personalities. 

They laugh, they cry, they react to circumstances that you might. 

That are in their life they speak to you. 

They think about things differently than you can do. 

They can love, they can cherish. 

They can be hurt. 

They can grieve or be sad about something that happened to them. 

They also you know if it’s a mother or father, they can comfort you. 

As a parent, they might even correct you. 

The important part about that is they have a distinct personalities. 

Well, the Holy Spirit has a very distinct personality and we see it all through Scripture and if he has a distinct personality and he is a person. 

Then all of a sudden you have to realize. 

That he is someone that is somewhere. 

Now the wonderful part about the Holy Spirit being a person. 

That can react into you and to everybody around him is that he is everywhere we understand as a believer in Jesus Christ. 

In his finished work. 

We understand that the Holy Spirit as a person dwells within you. 

So that becomes very important to help us understand how to react to the Holy Spirit in my desire and the Holy Spirit’s desire is that you begin to understand him as a believer dwelling within you as a friend, and that’s what he’s called. 

And he is a number of other things in that regard, but we want to see him as that personality, that person that is dwelling within you, not just a force. 

Not if you feel a sudden feeling that that’s the Holy Spirit, and when you don’t feel that feeling at all, then you think, well, the Holy Spirit is busy with someone else. 

He’s not. 

He’s with you. 

And he’s responding to you. 

He wants to lead you and guide you. 

Into every moment of your day, and. 

And show you. His presence and his guidance and his leading in his direction. 

And that becomes a very important thing in our understanding concerning the Holy Spirit so that we want to understand from scripture the various things that the Holy Spirit can do. 

The first thing we’re going to talk about is the Holy Spirit can speak. 

There’s a number of scriptures that talk about that one. 

There are seven times in the Book of Revelation, for instance, that it says he who has an ear. 

Let him hear what the Spirit says. 

And it’s found there’s a series of messages that the apostle John writes too. 

Various churches in Asia Minor. 

And at the end of each of what the Holy Spirit wants to say to each church, he has this statement. 

He was in here. 

Let him hear what the Spirit says, and in each of those passages. 

He is speaking to a particular church about how they are conducting themselves. 

For instance in Chapter 3 verse one. He’s talking to the Church of Sardis. 

And he says, I know you have a name. 

I know your deeds and that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. 

There’s a very direct word and he talks to them. 

He says to him. Wake up. Strengthen the things that remain and which were about to die, for I have not found your deeds completed in the sight of my God, so. 

So remember what you have received and heard and keep it and repent. 

Therefore, if you do not wake up, I will come to you like a thief and you will not know it. 

At what hour I will come to you so he speaks to them very clear direction to this particular church. 

And it’s very clear what the Holy Spirit is trying to go after in this church. 

They’ve become dead. In other words, they’re not attentive to God. 

There’s they’ve become separated. Spiritually from God by their own choice, not by God’s choice, but they’ve become separated. So the spirit of God is saying to them. Wake up. 

And So what I want you to see in here is this spirit of God was speaking very directly to them, and he will speak very directly to you. 

And that’s what we understand that he does speak in Acts 16. 

And Paul has a dream and he has a dream. 

And it’s someone that’s standing before him and says come to us and speak to us. 

And so he begins a journey to go find. 

Where that the man that was standing in the dream was and and and he believes that it’s a. 

A picture from God that God-given him to go and speak to those people, and so he’s going different directions and at different points of time. 

Along their journey, he thought, well, I’ll head this direction and the Holy Spirit spoke to him and says no, I want you to go this direction. 

And eventually, he gets to Philippi. 

Begins to look around for the situation that he might. 

That might fulfill that dream that God had given him, and as a result, he ended up being by speaking boldly. 

He gets thrown in jail. 

And he’s in prison. 

But God brings him in that prison to the man he was to speak to. 

And that was the, the jailer, the Philippian jailer, and that becomes the true start of the of the Philippian. 

In church now it’s an unusual way to be led, but sometimes God leads you in that direction. 

And that’s what we see him doing in Poland and it. 

Says the spirit spoke. 

For at one point, it says he forbid him to go in a direction. 

Jesus in John 14 and this is important because. 

Jesus is telling us what he’s going to do specifically for you as his believers. 

So this is Jesus in his final hours here on Earth, saying I’m going to send you the Holy Spirit Father and I are going to send you the Holy Spirit. 

And he’s gonna speak to you. 

And so in John 14 he says, these things I have spoken to you while I was abiding with you. 

So while Jesus was on Earth with his apostles and disciples. 

He’s told them these things, he said, but when the helper? 

That’s one of the words for the whole names of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name. 

He will teach or speak to you all things. 

That’s a wonderful message. 

To us that he will speak to us everything that the father and the son want us to hear. 

There’s no I like to look at it this way. 

There are no secrets between us and the father. 

No secrets. Absolutely none. 

Here, the God of the universe, the creator of the ends of the earth. 

Has things that he wants to tell us and he’s going to communicate them to us through the Holy Spirit. 

Now how does he do that? 

We’re going to talk about this much later, but and I want you to understand in this section right now that the Holy Spirit is speaking well. 

He speaks to us in a variety of ways. 

Primarily, he’s going to speak to us through Scripture. 

That’s primarily how he speaks to me. 

I pick up the word of God. 

I read a portion of it, and the Holy Spirit. 

Adapts or speaks to me about what this particular passage applies to me. 

And that’s most of his conversation to me. 

Often when I’m in situations. 

The Holy Spirit will speak to me of a verse, for instance, of how I’m to conduct myself during a particular situation that I might be. 

I’ve sometimes sharing when I’m sharing the gospel with somebody, the. 

Lord will put a. Verse into my heart into my head and I’ll say, OK Lord. 

And I will share that verse and I will see the Holy Spirit do a work in that person’s heart. 

And he can. He can help you even in what would not be considered spiritual situations. 

Where God will help you to understand by his guidance and he will speak to you now is it a loud voice that comes out of heaven and booms and shakes the walls? 

No, it’s not that kind of voice. But as you begin to know the Holy Spirit in his process, you begin to learn the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

It’s always going to lead you. Where God wants you to be if it starts. 

If it’s a voice that starts leading you in a wrong direction, you can be very sure that that’s not the Holy Spirit. 

We’ll talk about that later. In verse 13 of Chapter 16, he says, but when he, the Holy Spirit of the spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth, for he will not speak on his own initiative, but whatever he. 

Years of the father and the son. He will speak, and he will disclose to you or reveal to you what is to come. 

And in other words, the Holy Spirit will speak to us of our future, and this is I want you to understand this as something very real, something very personal, something that God will do because he dwells. 

Within you, what a marvelous thing that is knowing that God himself dwells within you. 

He couldn’t do that prior to the finished work of Christ. 

He couldn’t do dwell within you, but now God himself, dwelling within you, and he’s going to speak to you. 

Well, we’ve come to the end of this section. And it’s been wonderful to be with you, and I trust the Holy Spirit has begun to minister to your heart and will continue to minister to your heart.

I close with the scripture:

“But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.” Jude 1:20-21

We’ll see you again soon.