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Abandoned in the hot Saudi desert for hours at the age of four by a father who wanted to make a man out of him, flogged before reaching puberty for making the smallest error in reciting the Quran, trained to hate and terrorize the infidels in his early teen years, being visited by Jesus in a dream, receiving Christ and committing his life to his Savior, facing horendous persecution, Dr. Ahmed is now dedicating his life to sharing the gospel with his people and drawing them to a saving Knowledge of Christ. These are but glimpses of Dr. Ahmed’s life. But the book is more than a testimony. It is also an introductory course on Muhammad and Islam. The author, in graphic images exposes the hardship of growing up in Saudi Arabia and the harsh persecution after his conversion. Dr. Joktan is now a joyful, hopeful and passionate follower of Jesus with a vision for his people. Do not just read this book, take action to encourage this dear brother who has a God given vision that we do well to support.

—Georges Houssney,
President, Horizons International.
Author of “Engaging Islam”

Georges Houssney, Horizons International

Dr. Ahmed Joktan has told a story of God’s grace in action. He gives insight into present-day beliefs that will give understanding to the non-Islamic reader. More than this, his book is a rehearsal of the kindness of God extended to everyone. I hope his journey toward God’s love will be your story, too.

—Chris Fabry, Chicago, Illinois

Host, Christ Fabry Live on Moody Radio

Author of “War Room: Prayer Is a Powerful Weapon”


Chris Fabry , Chris Fabry

The book “From Mecca to Christ” by Dr. Ahmed Joktan, born and raised in Saudi Arabia, is a compelling testimony of his conversion abroad and his harrowing experiences of persecution upon his return as he courageously shared the gospel with fellow Saudis and other Arabs in the Gulf area. It is also a shining example of the triumph of love in his heart for his lost compatriots, in spite of their cruel treatment of him. His founding of “Mecca to Christ Ministries” is a tribute to his undying love for his own people. His book closes with a passionate invitation to join him in his ministries.

—Dr. Don McCurry, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ministries to Muslims

Dr. Don McCurry, Dr. Don McCurry


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