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This video tells the story of a young man who was deeply committed to Islam,

but God powerfully intervened and transformed his life.

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Here are some testimonials from readers of our books…

“I first heard the remarkable story of Dr Ahmed Joktan several
years ago directly from the mouth of the “tall white man”
referred to in this book. I had recently become the Senior Pastor
of the “house with the white pillars” – the Auckland Baptist
Tabernacle – that Ahmed has seen in his life-changing dream. The
tall white man” shared Ahmed’s story with me as a powerful
example of how Isa (Jesus) was miraculously revealing himself to
sincere Muslim’s all around the world. His prayer? “Isa, please do
for so many other people what you have done for Ahmed!”.
Having now personally read Ahmed’s dramatic encounter with Isa
while in Auckland, New Zealand for myself, I can only echo the
tall white man’s” prayer, and Ahmed’s own intentions for this
book, with a wholehearted “Amen!”.”

—Neil Baker, Auckland, NZ
Senior Pastor
Auckland Baptist Tabernacle, Auckland.

As one of the persons referred to in this text I can attest to the authenticity of this testimony to the grace mercy and compasion of God at work in Ahmed’s life. Even though I have journeyed with him during the last 10 years which is the setting of this book, I still found it profoundly compelling reading. This young man was divinely called by God to a life of suffering to prepare him for the ultimate calling of being an Apostle to his nation of birth. God has not forgotten his promise to Abraham that he will make his descendants a blessing to all the people’s of the earth. The Tribe of Joktan should prepare for the coming of the good news through this suffering servant.”

—Bryan J., Auckland, New Zealand
Pastor, Auckland Baptist Tabernacle

“Dr. Ahmed Joktan has told a story of God’s grace in action. He gives insight into present-day beliefs that will give understanding to the non-Islamic reader. More than this, his book is a rehearsal of the kindness of God extended to everyone. I hope his journey toward God’s love will be your story, too.”

—Chris Fabry, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Host, Christ Fabry Live on Moody Radio
Author of War Room: Prayer Is a Powerful Weapon

“The book From Mecca to Christ by Dr. Ahmed Joktan, born and raised in Saudi Arabia, is a compelling testimony of his conversion abroad and his harrowing experiences of persecution upon his return as he courageously shared the gospel with fellow Saudis and other Arabs in the Gulf area. It is also a shining example of the triumph of love in his heart for his lost compatriots, in spite of their cruel treatment of him. His founding of “Mecca to Christ Ministries” is a tribute to his undying love for his own people. His book closes with a passionate invitation to join him in his ministries.”

—Dr. Don McCurry, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Ministries to Muslims

This is the extraordinary journey from privilege in Islam to persecution for Christ, all through encountering Jesus in a dream in Auckland, NZ, in 2010.  I met this modern Apostle Paul and first heard his stories, when Ahmed visited our church in 2017.  More compelling than his stories of suffering, was his gracious Christ-like character and transformed life mission, with a special burden to evangelise his own Saudi people and equip others to reach them.  Read his story – you won’t want to put it down!

—Rev Steve Jourdain, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Senior Minister, St Alban’s Presbyterian Church

“Undoubtedly the most dramatic conversion story in the Bible is that of Saul of Tarsus meeting the risen Christ on the road to Damascus. This story of the transformation of Ahmed Joktan has some remarkable parallels. From his powerful encounter with the risen Christ in a hotel room in Auckland one year during Ramadan, to the Lord’s words to Paul that he would “show him how much he must suffer for my sake”, this book traces the journey of Ahmed through persecution and suffering from both family and state authorities.  It’s a page turner, and well worth a read.”

—Murray Robertson, Christchurch, New Zealand
Former Senior Pastor, Spreydon Baptist Church

“Abandoned in the hot Saudi desert for hours at the age of four by a father who wanted to make a man out of him, flogged before reaching puberty for making the smallest error in reciting the Quran, trained to hate and terrorize the infidels in his early teen years, being visited by Jesus in a dream, receiving Christ and committing his life to his Savior, facing horendous persecution, Dr. Ahmed is now dedicating his life to sharing the gospel with his people and drawing them to a saving Knowledge of Christ. These are but glimpses of Dr. Ahmed’s life. But the book is more than a testimony. It is also an introductory course on Muhammad and Islam. The author, in graphic images exposes the hardship of growing up in Saudi Arabia and the harsh persecution after his conversion. Dr. Joktan is now a joyful, hopeful and passionate follower of Jesus with a vision for his people. Do not just read this book, take action to encourage this dear brother who has a God given vision that we do well to support.”

Georges Houssney, President, Horizons International, USA
Author of Engaging Islam

“The phenomenon of Muslims turning to faith in Jesus Christ is the latest in a series of divine “surprises” that has marked the global move of the Holy Spirit over the last century. Most surprising of all is the extraordinary conversion of the son of the mufti of Mecca, Ahmed Joktan. This book describes his unexpected conversion and the horrendous suffering he experienced as a result. It is a story of the Lord’s surprising grace and of the courageous witness of a Muslim background convert. That this should happen in my own country of New Zealand, so far from the heartland of Islam, is further tribute to God’s surprises.”

—Rob Yule, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Author and Retired New Zealand Presbyterian minister
Former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

“Dr Joktan’s testimony shows that no person is so far away from God that they are too far away for God’s gospel message to transform them. My prayer is that as you read this book, you will be inspired to share the wonderful gospel message – whether in Mecca, another country, or in your street. You may not be Dr Joktan, but you serve the same Jesus, you have the same Word of God and you pray. And those three are the real heroes in this book: Jesus, the Bible and prayer.”

—Chris Griffioen, Melbourne Australia
National Ministries Leader, Operation Mobilisation

“After hearing about this latest edition of A Night of Power about
our brother Dr Ahmed Joktan, I was pleased to read the
remarkable story. I have an understanding of what a Muslim who
is born again goes through, l truly admit that it takes God’s grace
to go through and overcome such persecution. This is also a
perfect evidence of God’s grace, love and power at work by the
Holy Spirit. Remarkably this has occurred in our days, as told in
the story of Dr Ahmed Joktan.
I commend this story. I believe those who have this book in their
hand, will find the intent of the book to bring Glory to God,
through the record of the Acts of the Holy Spirit working in a life
of a Muslim believe.”

— Stanley Hashim Mohammed
Elder of World Harvest Centre
For Rev Suliasi Kurolo Senior Pastor& Founder of CMFl
Fiji Islands

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