Nowadays there are 4 main ways to obtain visas to Saudi Arabia. We at Mecca to Christ help missionaries and those who want to do the Will of our Father in heaven to obtain those visas. We mainly help in the process, applying and walking the persons through and in special circumstances we help beyond that.

Short terms :
1- 30 Days single entry (Events Visas usually free) (currently suspended).
2- 1-year multiple exists-re-entry cannot exceed 90 days per a year (Tourist Visa ~$120 USD). Very good for short term missions.

Typical Visa for Missionaries:
(2-5 years ) multiple re-entries possible (~$300-$500 USD). (Currently available, best options for long term missionaries).

Saudi Green card:
A- Yearly Permanent resident (~$26,660 USD/year).
B- Permanent Green card (one-time payment of ~$213,280 USD).

Are you interested to visit Mecca/Saudi Arabia to share the Gospel to millions of Muslims who come from everywhere burdened and want their heavy yoke to be taken away in the name of Jesus?

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Not sure about going long term with us?
You can also use www.aeisaudi.com/us/