Welcome to “From Mecca to Christ” Ministries. Our desire is to share the love of God through Jesus Christ with Muslims worldwide. Here is a video of Dr.A in Mecca, pilgrimage (hajj)  where 3 million people gathered together to bow down to a black stone building in an act of paganism, but Dr.A, a servant of the Lord Jesus, was praying for all there to come to know Jesus Christ, God’s Son, personally.

Ministry to Churches

It is our desire at Mecca to Christ, nfp to equip churches around the world in reaching Muslims in their own backyards by training disciples of Jesus Christ to be loving and hospitable neighbors, patriots first of the Kingdom of Heaven, and then of our own home country. Muslims will never respond to the good news unless they hear and see the love of Christ demonstrated to them. Will you join us? Contact us below and let us know your interest.

New Books

Dr. A and his team are putting together several helpful evangelistic books for distribution to help Christians in evangelism to Muslims, and to give the hope of Christ to those darkened by the falsehood of Madina Islam.



Feel free to contact us by using the e-mail button or giving us a call! We would love to get to know you better.