The central message of the book of Jonah remains especially relevant. Salvation comes from the Lord. It is not the exclusive possession of any one group, but is offered to the whole world, as we see from the pagan Ninevites. Anyone who repents can be saved. We also see that salvation must be of the Lord, since the prophet Jonah is such a poor messenger – first, running from God’s call to preach to Nineveh, and then sulking, petulant and angry at God’s mercy to the merciless Ninevites. The book of Jonah illustrates the New Testament truth that God so loved the world of sinners that he would go to any lengths to save them.The Proclaim Commentary series brings expositional insight and practical application to every day life. It is written not only for pastors, teachers, and leaders, but also for families, students, or anyone desiring to explore the riches of God’s word.