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We are also training and sending teams to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to proclaim Jesus as the king of that place! hoping the walls of Satan and his fortress (Kabba) will crumble and fall down under the power of name above all names Jesus!

we are also evangelizing and taking care of believers in places the gospel never been preached such as Libya, Yemen, UAE, Kurdistan, and Saudi Arabia.

we are also in progress of training churches to face the dark places surrounding them, their own Jerusalem, releasing the power of Christ they hold unto is a strong light shattering the darkness and spreading peace in the land, the peace of Jesus Christ that He gave unto us John 14: 27.

Join our movement of peacemakers as we work against the enemy’s plotting to kill, steal and destroy and by the power of the Holy Spirit we give through Jesus life to so many lost people under the grip of Satan, guaranteed freedom through Jesus Christ the only Way and Truth and life.

Interested in such movement?
Email us : Visas@meccatochrist.org