Lessons in Discipleship (3) دروس في التلمذة

This is Dr. Ed Hoskins, welcoming you to lessons in discipleship, a series designed to help new believers become established in their Christian faith. This will take just a few seconds for me to set up our PowerPoint presentation and we will get started.

Here we go in this session, we look at living the balanced Christian life also called the wheel illustration. First, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a retired physician. I spent 34 years on family medicine, student health, but I became a Christian 50 years ago. I was helped early in my Christian faith by the navigators and international non-denominational Christian organization.

Whose stated goal is to know Christ and to make him know I’ve been on associate staff without organization. Since 1980, lessons to discipleship is a compilation of what I’ve learned under the direction of the navigators and from the Bible. During that time, what I learned that I now pass on to you today’s session living the balanced Christian life, the wheel illustration.

This illustration was first developed by the founder of the navigators Dawson Trotman. In the early 1920s and thirties, it was designed as a wheel with three spokes at the word prayer and witnessing with Christ as the central hub Dawson trauma’s desire was to show how to have a well-balanced Christian life things that we could be involved in later.

A fourth spoke was at which became fellowship and obedience was in, located in the outer rim where life has lived. And that’s currently where the illustration is. Here we have it just like any wheel there’s three parts to any wheel. There’s a hub. That’s a very central part where all the power is concentrated, comes from the motor to the drive axle that our drive shaft to the axle.

And then finally we want to get to the, out to the wheel. Well, it starts in the hub. The rim, that’s where the rubber meets the road. That’s the outer part. That’s what makes the car actually move along the ground. But something has to connect that. Well, what connects the central part to the outer rim is the spokes transmits the power from the central hub.

Incidentally Snelling, a wheel that fails to obey the road results in a car crashed well, as in any wheel, the hub is the center and in the Christian life, Christ is the center of our lives. He’s the hub. The outer rim. And so be Insta Christ, all four spokes that the power gets transmitted through the holy spirit, to the, from the hub to us in the outer spokes.

If, if the spokes are an equal of wheel, it becomes out of balance, flat tire results. It doesn’t run as well. Let’s look at the four spokes. There’s two vertical spokes that I like to think of in terms of our relationship with God, God speaks to us in his word. And then we speak back to God in prayer. It’s a continual relationship, but then think of the horizontal spokes.

We relate there to all people in the world to those who are believers, it’s fellowship to those who don’t know Christ, it’s called witnessing that’s sharing truth. Here’s a good verse on each one of these different areas, Christ the center. It says we’re new in Christ. Second Corinthians five 17.

Therefore then he Madison Christ. He has a new creature. The old things passed away. Behold new things have come or obedience to Christ John 1421. He who has my commands and keeps them. He is the one who loves me. The word second, Timothy three 16. All scripture is inspired by God profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and for training and righteousness.

How about prayer? Philippians four, six, and seven. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God, witnessing Romans one 16 for I’m not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone believes or fellowship Hebrews 10 24 and 25, but as consider how to stimulate one another one, another to love and to good deeds, not for seeking our own assembling together.

So these are some good verses. I would encourage y’all to memorize them. I’ve done it. And I continue to review those. Well, this was just a brief presentation today, but let’s summarize what we learned. First. There are three parts to any wheel. There’s the hub source of power. And for us as Christians and our Christian life, the source of our power is Christ.

There was the rim that’s obedience, where the rubber meets the road. But what transmits the central power to the effort us to allow us to be obedient are the four spokes, all three, these vertical spokes of prayer work, the horizontal spokes fellowship and witnessing. They need to be balanced and working together to make our Christian life run smoothly.

Flat tires run rough, the holy spirit. Again, isn’t all parts of the wheel. Well, we will see you next time for another session of lessons in discipleship. When we cover getting God’s word into our lives, the hand illustration that wraps up this presentation. Thank you for coming and being a part until next time.

Keep following Christ. He’s worth it. Thank you. Goodbye. .