Holy Spirit (6) الروح القدس

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Hello, welcome to this class on the Holy Spirit.

It’s a class for New Believers to strengthen you in your faith and to help you understand The person and the work of the Holy Spirit in your own heart Wherever you are.

OK, the next thing we can. 

Think about. 

Or want to understand concerning the Holy Spirit is that he can be grieved. 

That particular word means made sad. 

And you think why would the Holy Spirit be sad about anything he’s got? 

He has access to everything. 

Why should he be sad? 

Because he loves us. 

And sometimes, and he wants to lead us and guide us and sometimes we do things which grieve him or make him sad. 

Especially when we sin. 

It says in. 

That God has given us everything we need pertaining and how we should live our lives in godliness. 

It’s given us everything. 

But sometimes we will look at something that we like. 

That’s not good or we will do something which is not good for us because we’re LED astray because of our flesh or something we want to do. 

And we will do that thing. 

And that’s in becomes sin. 

And as a result, the Holy Spirit is grieved. 

Because of that, now does the Holy Spirit say, whoops, I’m done with this. 

I’m leaving. 

No he doesn’t. 

Because our sin is covered by the blood of Christ, he stays there, but he is. 

He is very grieved in his heart. 

So what happens in that grief? 

He wants to bring his back to that place where we have that full and wonderful fellowship with the father and the son through him. 

And as a result he will work to make that. 

Make that real in their hearts that we were understanding they were sinning. 

So that he can help us deal with, that’s in that walk that we might be sinning in, so that we can come back into the very full fellowship. 

In Ephesians 4, it talks. 

That’s where this one of these these statements of grieving the Holy Spirit come from. 

And in actually in the whole chapter of four and the beginning of chapter five in Ephesians, there are 35 things that are listed. They can grieve the Holy Spirit this. 

Phrase of grieving the Holy Spirit comes in this particular section says, let no unwholesome or bad word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for building up or making people. 

Feel better. 

And building them up in truth, according to the need of the moment so that it will be give it will give grace to those who hear. 

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed by the day of redemption. 

So what this particular verse is pointing to is what we say. 

And sometimes it’s our. 

It it can be our tendency to say bad things about people we they they did something wrong to us they. 

They tried to get us fired from a job. 

They did all kinds of things evil against us or and sometimes it’s just you’re, you’re your husband or wife will just say something that’s unkind. 

Or you will say something unkind to someone and the result of that is that the Holy Spirit is grieved ’cause he wants your entire conversation. 

Everything that you say to be edifying. 

Unto unto unto God, and so that kind of speech anger bitterness all those kinds of things that are found elsewhere in this passage. 

They’ll grieve the Holy Spirit, so the Holy Spirit wants us to. 

Come to understand his grief now, how do you understand that he is grieving about a situation? Well I think what it means is that you need to understand who the Holy Spirit is dwelling within you. I give, I’ve often given this example if I were to. I’ve been married for 47 years. 

But sometimes I will say something to my wife. 

That hurts her and it’s just out of a moment. 

I will say something you know, not particularly kind. 

Well, she’s not gonna run off and divorce me at that point. 

But our relationship is. 

Somewhat damaged at this point or it gets very quiet. 

My and my wife Will will put her head down and still kind of walk away. 

I had this. 

I literally had this happen the other day and I said something just foolish I was. 

I was tired and hungry and I said something wrong and I was leaving. 

For work and I got in my car, which is in the garage and I Holy Spirit said. 

That was very grievous. 

And so I got out of my car, went back and apologized to her. 

I hugged her and I said I’m sorry that was a foolish thing to say. 

See, that’s what grieving the Holy Spirit. 

But I knew my wife. 

And that what I said had grieved her to know what might grieve the Holy Spirit. 

Now he’s laid out for us is to know the Holy Spirit working within you. 

And to know him. 

As a person dwelling within you, if you don’t, he as a believer in Christ Jesus, he’s been given to you. 

And so our goal as Christians is to walk with the Holy Spirit in such a way that we know when he is grieved. 

And I, you know. 

I hugged my wife and we looked into each other’s eyes and. 

We’ve resolved it and I went back to work and. 

I felt full of joy. 

And she did too. 

Just you know, I recognized that I had done the wrong thing, so that’s what grieving the Holy Spirit is, and it’s often the things we do that are sin that the Holy Spirit doesn’t want us to do. 

But we’ll do those, and those are things which grieve the Holy Spirit, and it tells us now something about the personality of the Holy Spirit. 

He is interacting with you all the time. 

Every situation now it doesn’t have to just be in spiritual situations. 

We’re reading the Bible and those kinds of things. 

It’s in everyday life and God wants us to conduct ourselves all through. 

Life in such a way that we don’t grieve the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is working through us. 

So every situation you walk in, you understand, oh, the Holy Spirit brought me here and he has a reason for me to be here. 

Sometimes it’s just to be a light for Christ in that situation. 

Not necessarily say much of anything. 

But sometimes sometimes your presence walks in. 

The Holy Spirit is walking in with you, and he brings a peace and a settlement in. 

That’s in that situation that is uncanny. 

In other words, you can’t explain it. 

And that happens when we’re walking closely with the Holy Spirit. 

Other actions that that can do this we we see here lust, falsehood lying wrong anger. 

Stealing theft, unwholesome or bad words bitterness wrath. 

Speaking evil, speaking bad things or bad actions against people. 

All those things are sins that we can commit, but the Holy Spirit is grieved by those actions. 

Does the Holy Spirit. 

Leave as a result, no he doesn’t. 

But his actions in our lives are diminished. 

Which is the best way? 

To and what will happen is our peace, and our joy will disappear. 

It it will be greatly diminished and and then we become. 

Uh, for lack of a better word, I I often I can become grumpy. 

And I disconnect myself. 

From the work of the Holy Spirit and all of a sudden I’m trying to control things. 

And I can’t do a very good job at controlling anything. 

In fact, that’s not what the Holy Spirit wants us to do. 

He is the control of all things, and he gently leads us and guide us. 

And So what will happen is our peace will be. 

Taken away from us, or greatly diminished in our hearts. 

And I I love that fact that when we’re walking with the Holy Spirit, we should understand a peace and a joy. 

That’s incredible, absolutely. 

And and that becomes wonderful because I walk into situations my wife and I walk into situations and we see the peace of God affecting everything around it. 

And, and that’s a wonderful situation for us to have, and then God can use that opportunity of people sensing peace in our hearts in our lives. 

As an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to speak to them, and I found times and situations where people have said to me there’s a wonderful set of there’s. 

There’s a wonderful piece around you. 

Why do you have that piece? 

An excellent opportunity to speak for the whole to speak for Christ. 

And the work of Christ and the gospel. 

We can go even farther in our negative relationship with the Holy Spirit by resisting him. 

And there’s several scriptures in which. 

We see and it says they were resisting the Holy Spirit and we see these and and these are not good things to do. 

Acts 75 

This is Steven speaking to the crowd to a crowd of people, and he was speaking to the leadership. 

Of the Jewish people, the. 

The Pharisees and the Sadducees, and you men are always stiff necked. 

In other words, you’re stubborn. 

You want to do your own thing and are uncircumcised in your heart. 

In other words, there’s no heart change in you towards God. 

You, you know all about the things of God and scripture in those things, but your heart has not changed in love towards God. 

And your ears are always resisting the Holy Spirit and saying, I know who the Holy Spirit is, and I don’t want to talk to him. 

I don’t want him to know anything because I’ve got it all figured out. 

And you’re doing just as your father did, and he’s referring to the in the Old Testament, where God would send prophets to them to speak to them, and they would eventually kill these prophets, and they didn’t want to listen to him because they knew they were speaking. 

The voice of God, but they didn’t want to hear it. 

That’s resisting the Holy Spirit. 

That’s more than just grieving the holy. 

You know, sometimes we fall into sin just we just fall into sin. 

It just it comes along and we yield to it. 

And we we do that, but resisting the Holy Spirit is much stronger than it’s knowing the right thing to do and saying, I’m not going to do that, and that is resisting the Holy Spirit. 

You don’t want to do this. 

In Exodus 32. 

This was when the Israelites were in the wilderness, says the Lord said to Moses, I have seen this people, and behold, they are an obstinate or a stubborn people. 

Now let me alone that my anger may have burned against. 

And in this situation he had brought them out of Egypt with a mighty hand. 

And then Moses goes up to the mountain to commune with God and and to to get the law. 

And how they were to conduct themselves too. 

Begin to speak and have relationship with God and they built a golden calf. 

They Aaron, the high priest said he he took gold and threw it into a fire, and out came a golden calf. 

You know which? 

I find very fascinating that he would say that but, but in doing so they were saying, well, we, this calf brought us out of Egypt. 

This this this cow brought us out of Egypt, and so we’re going to worship it, because God. 

We don’t know what happened to. 

Him, he’s disappeared with Moses and maybe Moses up there in the mountain. 

He’s died and who’s going to lead us now? 

And so they they rather than waiting for God to speak through Moses? 

They built this golden calf and that’s resisting. 

That’s knowing the right thing to do and just saying no, I am not going to do. 

Do it. 

Isaiah 6310. They rebelled and grieve the Holy Spirit death, where he turned himself to become their enemy, and he fought against them. 

We see that all through the history of Israel they would get a righteous judge or a righteous king, and they would serve God for a period of time. 

That judge may die or. 

May die and or a new king come along and he’s not walking with God. 

And then they turn from their own ways, even knowing the right thing to do. 

And that’s that’s rebelling and resisting the Holy Spirit. 

Well, we’ve come to the end of this section. And it’s been wonderful to be with you, and I trust the Holy Spirit has begun to minister to your heart and will continue to minister to your heart.

I close with the scripture:

“But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.” Jude 1:20-21

We’ll see you again soon.