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Hello, welcome to this class on the Holy Spirit.

It’s a class for New Believers to strengthen you in your faith and to help you understand The person and the work of the Holy Spirit in your own heart Wherever you are.



He is God because he’s eternal.

In Isaiah 5715, for thus says, the high and exalted one who lives forever.

He has no beginning.

And he lives forever.

That’s your God.

Jeremiah 1010 but the Lord is the true God. He is the living God and the everlasting king.

I like that we serve a king that is eternal.

Kings and presidents and.

Prime Ministers on this earth will pass away.

They come to an end.

They have a, they have an end.

But our God, our King, has no end.

He is eternal.

He can be trusted forever.

I love that it gives peace to your heart, doesn’t it?

When you understand that the Holy Spirit is just filling your heart.

And he is with you at all times.

First Timothy 117. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God.

This gives us another attribute of the Holy Spirit.

He is invisible.

But he is also eternal, so we can’t see him.

In in the physical realm.

It’s not possible to see him, so we live by faith that he is there, but not only by faith, but by knowing knowing his presence as we walk with him.

And that’s possible.

It’s possible to know his presence.

Moment by moment.

Where he just walks with you and you know it because he fills you with peace.

But it isn’t wonderful that that will never go away.

He is God because he’s everywhere.

This is another attribute of the Holy Spirit.

It’s a word we use called omnipresent.

He is everywhere.

Every place.

The psalmist asked the question.

He says, where can I go from you?

And the answer is nowhere.

He is everywhere.

So I’m 137 nine, seven through 10. He says, where can I go from your Holy Spirit and he’s asking questions that have an Ant.

Or where can I flee from your presence if I ascend into heaven?

You are there.

If I make my my bed in shield, the place of the dead, behold, you are there.

If I take the wings of the dawn, if I dwell in the remotest part of the sea.

Even there your hand will lead me and your right hand will lay a hold of me.

Understand that that the Holy Spirit is with you all the time.

Even if you think about sinning, the Holy Spirit is still there, and his desire is always to turn you to following Christ.

But he’s always there.

And that’s a good reminder in my own life.


When I.

Sometimes I just want to quit.

I just want to stop.

And you know it gets tiring sometimes.

But then I have to sit back and say, no Holy Spirit, you were here.

And sometimes there’s time for just rest.

And and just not doing anything Jesus did that many times.

It was said many times that early in the morning he would go away to be.

With his father.

And so there is times for rest, but there’s no time for quitting.

For stopping for turning back to our own sin.

Because the Holy Spirit is there in his desire for you is that you would walk with him and let him lead and guide you.

It also makes you very careful in your steps ahead.

The enemy.

Of your soul would have you direct your your steps somewhere else.

And so it’s one to be careful to step carefully before the Lord, and to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and to understand and recognize that he is leading you.

I do that all the time.

In which I step into an event, I go into a situation and I realize God has led me to this particular situation.

And that.

I am to be a light.

For Christ in that situation.

And when you begin to recognize that that every event in your life, no matter where you are, is something that God has LED you into.

Then you begin to understand the leading of the Holy Spirit to be with you during that event.

And to also direct your steps, I have found many times in my work.

Sometimes I come to a problem.

That nobody seems to be able to.

Solve at that moment.

I stop in.

In in my spirit, and I say, Lord, give me an understanding as to how to answer this problem.

What should I do?

Most often, God gives me a direction in the moment.

It’s not necessarily a Bible verse, but it’s a direction of how I can answer this particular problem, and I have found God so very, very faithful.

In those situations, I also find the Holy Spirit when I’m in an event with in which someone hearts being drawn to Christ.

Or when I’m with a sick person or.

Those or someone in spiritual need.

I find.

That is important to stop.

And let the Holy Spirit guide me in that, and give me a scripture that that will be speak to that moment.

And that’s so important, and it’s recognizing that he is everywhere present.

And he’s not.

And we’ve been talking about this.

He’s not only the God who is everywhere, but he’s the God who is near as well.

He is near to you.

In every single moment at Jeremiah 23.


Well, I think.


He is not only the God who is everywhere, but he’s also the God who is near as well. Jeremiah 2323 through 24.

Am I a God who is near to close the Lord and not a God that’s far off?

Can a man hide himself?

In hiding places who I do not see him declares the Lord, do I not fill the heavens and the earth declares the Lord, indeed he does.

And and we cannot hide ourselves from God.

That’s so wonderful and important for us as believers, to know that the Holy Spirit is not somewhere else, he doesn’t deal with just the big issues of what’s happening.

You know, globally he is with you personally, because you, personally.

You, as an individual are important.

To the Holy Spirit, because wherever you are at.

You are the light of the gospel in that situation, so it’s so wonderful to know and understand that God himself is with you.

You may be in a very difficult spot.

I don’t know what that spot may be, but.

You may be in.

A very, very difficult spot.

But understanding that the Holy Spirit is with you and that you can’t hide from.

Him and why would you want to hide from him?

Well, the reason you’d want to hide from him is if you’re doing something that you shouldn’t.

But if you’re in a very difficult spot.

It’s important to say.

God, I know you’re here in this situation, no matter how difficult it is, no matter how noisy or crazy the situation is, I know you are here.

In so doing.

We should help us to understand that we shouldn’t be.

Upset or depressed?

In any situation I remember as a young some years ago, about 20 years ago I was in a situation in which I was being personally attacked in my work.

It was difficult.

It would.

It would cause me to tremble almost.

I would go in and finally I remember sitting down and say I know God, you were here in this situation.

And I want to understand that and I want to learn.

That as a.

As your kid, your son.

And So what I would do, my desk was in a situation in which I would.

I had a clock in front of me.

So at the top of every hour.

I would tell God, God, I can’t make it through this next hour without you.

And the Holy Spirit would just settle in on me in peace and I would go through that next hour and I had to.

Keep doing that for a while.

But I began to understand that all through that hour, whether I asked or not, the Holy Spirit was with me.

But when I asked and I recognized my own helplessness before God, I began to understand the Holy Spirit leading and guiding in a very powerful and precious way.

You don’t have to be an old believer to understand that.

In fact, it’s good to understand it.

As a very young believer.

That the Holy Spirit is with you and he moves with you in every single situation.

Now we want to speak of you.

You may have heard about the Holy Spirit is one of the Trinity.

Now the word Trinity is not in scripture, but we understand that.

That the concept of God as three and one is there now.

I can’t prove it to you.

I am a scientist, but I can’t prove it to you scientifically that there is a Trinity, but it is revealed in Scripture by the Holy Spirit, the nature.

And person and work.

Of God in the three.

Three that are one.

So we have got the.

Father God the son and God the Holy Spirit.

And they are all one.

It is hard to understand mentally and intellectually, but the Holy Spirit will reveal that to you.

In fact, that is what he.

Wants to do.

In fact, Jesus said that that after he left, the Holy Spirit was going to come and everything that was between that the father and the son wanted to reveal to to us was going to be told to us by the Holy Spirit.

It’s in John 17 oresick.

And in that in that.

Particular scripture, he said, whatever.

The father and the son says the Holy Spirit is going to tell you the wonderful part about that is that there are no secrets about the father and the son, that the Holy Spirit is not going to tell you.

I love I, I love that it’s an incredible thought to think about that the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

All the all the time all about the father and the son.

I’m getting away from my point a little bit.

In Genesis 126, is the first time we see the plurality of God here. Then God said, let us make man in our image according to our likeness. So here we see the.

The Fellowship of the Godhead, saying.

Let us make man in our own image according to our own likeness.

So the word there is Elohim.

It is a plural word for God.

We see it.

It’s many times it’s found many, many times in Scripture.

And and it’s just a plural form for God, but it starts from Genesis 1 all the way through Scripture in which God refers to himself in this particular nature.

Well, we’ve come to the end of this section.

And it’s been wonderful to be with.

You and I trust the Holy Spirit has begun to minister to your heart and will continue to Minister to your heart.

I close with the scripture:

“But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.” Jude 1:20-21

We’ll see you again soon.

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